Wednesday, April 18, 2018

White Spot Lesions

When undergoing orthodontic treatment with traditional braces, patients must be vigilant against tooth decay. At Ross Orthodontics, we want patients to be fully informed about how to prevent this problem, which is why we’re spotlighting white spot lesions in this week’s blog post.

White spot lesions are what we call the dental infections when they are in their earliest stage. They have a chalkier appearance than the healthy enamel when an infection is active and take on a shiny appearance once the decay is stopped. They may also become stained, in which case they will look yellow or brown.

Because of the difficulty many patients have brushing around fixed brackets, white spot lesions commonly develop there. If left untreated, the result will be that when the brackets are removed, the patient will have hollow square-shaped discoloration patterns on their teeth. Good brushing is necessary to prevent this, but it also helps for patients to get fluoride treatments. The enamel regains minerals overtime, but there are therapies available to speed this process. White spots can form very quickly, so patients would do well to starve the bacteria by avoiding sugary foods and drinks.

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