Thursday, December 7, 2017

Orthodontics and Diabetes

At Ross Orthodontics, our team of specialists is prepared to care for each of our patients’ unique medical needs. One of the health conditions with the biggest impact on oral health is diabetes, and we want our patients to understand how this affects orthodontic therapy.

Braces require the wearer to increase their oral hygiene vigilance. If a person has severe periodontal disease, their braces will have to be removed for their own safety. This can be a problem for people with diabetes because they are especially prone to chronic inflammation and experience periodontal disease at higher rates. At the same time, teeth that have undergone orthodontic treatment are much easier to keep clean, so diabetic patients particularly benefit from it. One solution to this conundrum is Invisalign, the system of removable aligners. Invisalign does not create any additional hygienic challenges, so diabetic patients are at a lower risk of developing gingivitis. It also puts less pressure on the teeth, which is thought to benefit diabetic patients. If a person’s blood sugar is controlled, it may still be possible for them to undergo traditional braces. In those cases, we will carefully inspect the health of their teeth and gums during each monthly appointment.

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