Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Bruxism and Orthodontics

Grinding your teeth may seem like it isn’t an issue, but it just might be. Also known as bruxism, teeth clenching and grinding can lead to broken teeth, damaged tooth enamel, and frequent headaches. It’s common that those who are suffering from bruxism may not even be aware of it. If you have bruxism and haven’t received orthodontic treatment, braces may help treat the problem. Dr. Gregory Ross, DDS has plenty of options for patients to choose from.

If you’ve caught yourself in the act of grinding your teeth, consider discussing orthodontic options with Dr. Gregory Ross, DDS. Invisalign not only straightens teeth, but the clear aligners can help protect teeth from becoming worn down during use. If you already have braces and still find yourself experiencing jaw discomfort due to clenching, talk to us so we can help you find relief.

If you experience facial pain or other symptoms of bruxism, please give us a call to discuss treatment options. To learn about services we provide at the practice, visit for more information. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Gregory Ross, DDS call our Forest Lake, MN location at 651-464-6988 or our Hudson, WI location at 715-808-8379.

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