Saturday, September 30, 2017

Handling an Orthodontic Emergency

With traditional braces, there is always a risk of experiencing some sort of oral emergency. Accidents happen and sometimes brackets can become loose and wires can break. When this happens, it can cause discomfort to the patient.  It’s usually not an emergency but it can be problematic and cause a delay in your orthodontic treatment. If you experience dental trauma, Dr. Gregory Ross, DDS encourages you to call the office immediately, in the meantime, take these precautions when handling an orthodontic crisis.

  • If a bracket ligature band comes off – the ligature is the tiny rubber band that wraps around the bracket. If the rubber ligature comes off, you can attempt to put it back in place with sterile tweezers. If it continues to break, wait until your appointment to have it fixed.

  • If a bracket becomes loose – brackets hold the wires in place. Though they are bonded to the teeth with adhesive, eating crunchy or sticky foods may cause the bracket to break. If you can’t get to our office right away, leave it be, but be as careful as possible when eating and brushing as to not cause further damage.

  • If a wire becomes loose – The best way to alleviate discomfort is to push the wire back down. If this doesn’t work, cover it with relief wax to block the area of your mouth that is irritated.

If you experience a dental emergency please give us a call immediately. To learn about services we provide at the practice, visit www.smilesbyross.comfor more information. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Gregory Ross, DDS call our Forest Lake, MN location at 651-464-6988 or our Hudson, WI location at 715-808-8379.

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