Thursday, August 24, 2017

Orthodontics before Implants?

A common problem for adults considering orthodontic work is whether to get it ahead of their other treatments. While every case is different, it is generally better to get orthodontic work done before receiving implants.

Consider what an implant is: a titanium screw which fuses with the jaw bone over a period of several months. Orthodontics involves moving teeth through the jaw bone, but implants do not have living ligaments and will not respond to pressure as living teeth do. The probably will not move at all. If an implant does migrate, it has to be removed and discarded as a failure or treated with guided bone regeneration.

It is also likely that, before receiving orthodontic treatment, the patient will not even have room for an implant. But does all this mean that a person who already has implants has no hope for correcting a misaligned bite? Not necessarily; other teeth can still be moved, and an implant-supported tooth can be a useful anchor for wires. If the patient only needs cosmetic orthodontic work, the amount the living teeth need to be moved may be too negligible to be affected by the location of an implant-supported crown.

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