Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What is Two-phase Orthodontic Treatment?

Multi-phase orthodontic treatment is a plan to maximize the opportunity to reach a totally healthy and functional smile that will last a lifetime. There are advantages to having your orthodontist examine your young child’s mouth when they still have baby teeth.  An evaluation will show how the teeth and mouth are growing and will give the opportunity for your orthodontist to provide treatment.

Certain issues can make a child more likely to need early treatment. If you notice your child has a misaligned bite, problems chewing, or sucks their thumb exceptionally long, these are signs they could benefit from early treatment.  When teeth and the jaw are still developing orthodontic treatment is more easily accomplished, and can often be less invasive than if left until the mouth is fully developed.  Phase two is the process of straightening all the adult teeth in their appropriate location in the mouth for ideal function and great aesthetics, and typically includes full upper and lower braces. 

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